Custom Cabinetry

Choosing custom-made cabinetry, The Millwork Shop, allows you to have the kitchen of your dreams and add a great amount of value and beauty to your home. If you can envision a design or if you have a photo from a magazine, The Millwork Shop can make your dreams a reality. Choosing custom-made kitchen cabinets provides unique options that might otherwise not be available with semi-custom or stock cabinetry.

Custom cabinets can be made to match room furniture or woodwork. The Millwork Shop can custom match colors to go with almost any finish. The options are truly endless.

Also, custom-made cabinets can be designed to fit any configuration, size, or dimension. If available cabinet space won’t accommodate standard size kitchen cabinets, changes can be made to suit your needs as well as your style.

The Millwork Shop always uses solid hardwood, eliminating the flaking, sagging and eventual degradation that is part of cheaper materials.

The Millwork Shop also properly stains the hardwood, allowing the natural beauty to shine.

Custom kitchen cabinets are made to fit your particular cabinet needs. They can be crafted for placement in hard to fit corners, be built deeper than stock cabinets because of the integrity of their materials, and be built to more perfectly fit the specific design demands of your kitchen. The goal of installing any set of cabinets is to make the most of the space afforded to you. Custom kitchen cabinets are the most efficient way to do this, and the best solution to making the most of the space of you have.

When you choose custom cabinetry, you’re also choosing skilled artisans who are skilled both in crafting your cabinets to your individual specifications, as well as in mounting those cabinets property to ensure they have the longest life-span possible.

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